MADFI: Minnesota Association of Defensive Firearm Instructors

MADFI Instructor Class Registration

Before registering, please read about becoming a MADFI instructor on our "Become an Instructor" page.

By completing the following payment, I acknowledge and confirm that:

  1. I am...
    1. ...currently certified by the NRA as an instructor in Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home, OR
    2. ...have been certified by AACFI as a carry permit instructor within the last five years, OR
    3. ...have an equivalent certification or pending certification that has been approved in writing (or email) by an officer of MADFI, OR
    4. ...scheduled to complete one of the training prerequisites listed above, and understand that I will not be listed as a MADFI instructor until I have passed both the prerequisite training and MADFI training.
  2. I agree to provide written proof of such training prior to my certification by MADFI.
  3. I hereby grant permission for MADFI to complete a criminal background check to determine my eligibility for membership;
  4. I understand that MADFI conducts most instructor interaction using the Internet, and that I will be required to do so, should I become a MADFI instructor;
  5. I understand that I must pass a comprehensive test on firearm knowledge, Minnesota and federal gun and carry laws, which will be administered at the beginning of the class, encompassing material found in the MADFI Candidate Study Guide, and that:
    1. Passing the test will require a significant effort on my part, and that I alone am responsible for coming to the class with a thorough understanding of the material.
    2. Failure to pass this test with a score of 75% or greater will disqualify me from attending the class that day, and result in a forfeit of the $100 class fee and a refund of the pro-rated annual dues.

There are no classes scheduled at this time.