MADFI: Minnesota Association of Defensive Firearm Instructors

Instructors No Longer Certified by MADFI

The following instructors are NOT certified by MADFI. You should make sure your instructor is certified by a state-approved training organization.

Bernhardt, Steven
Billings, Thomas
Blincow, Paul
Brown, Douglas
Bruels, Richard
Buck, Ben
Buck, Waneta
Cekalla, Keith
Cooper, Brian
Gende, John
Gilbertson, Jayson
Gustafson, Dan
Horner, Alan
Jahn, Robert
Jahnke, Lance
Martin, Michael
Meyer, Kim
Penaz, Joseph
Reis, Gregory
Rosenberg, Joel
Shapero, Andrew
Storhaug, Brent
Strand, Ronald
Thinnes, Brian
Tousignant, Thomas
Westphal, Eugene
Williams, Mary
Yates, Kenneth

Please note that MADFI has been certifying instructors since 2005, and there are many reasons why an instructor may not be certified by MADFI at this time, and no negative conclusion should necessarily be drawn.